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Jayhawk Audubon Society

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Lawrence, KS 66046


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President (Interim) - Jennifer Delisle

Vice President - Lynn Byczynski

Recording Secretary - Susan MacNally

Corresponding Secretary - Pam Chaffee

Treasurer - Jennifer Delisle

Board Members - Kelly Barth, Roger Boyd, Jim Bresnahan, Dena Friesen, Len Scotto, Vanessa Carlos

Bird Seed Sales - Pam Chaffee

Books and Feeders - Ron & Joyce Wolf

Conservation Chair - Lynn Byczynski

Newsletter Editor - Vacant

Programs - Joyce Wolf

Education - Sandy Sanders

Membership - Kristine Latta

Field Trips - Roger Boyd

Publicity - Pam Chaffee

Facebook Page - Jennifer Dropkin

Birdathon - Vacant

Christmas Bird Count - Galen Pittman

Eagles Day - Bunnie Watkins

Earth Day - Susan MacNally

Migratory Bird Count - Vanessa Carlos

Hospitality - Vacant

Historian - Ron Wolf

Audubon of Kansas Chapter Rep - Jim Bresnahan

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Our Mission & History

The mission of the Jayhawk Audubon Society is to provide opportunities for greater understanding and appreciation of birds and other wildlife, to encourage sustainable practices, and to advocate for actions and policies which result in protection and preservation of intact ecological ecosystems.

We endeavor to promote this mission in all we do including education and awareness projects, field trips and public programs. We seek partnerships and work with other organizations locally, statewide, nationally and internationally to support those who share our goals and pass along opportunities for everyone to be involved in this mission.

Jayhawk Audubon Society was organized in 1970 and chartered by National Audubon in spring of 1971. All of our resources are available to the public free of charge and our meetings and field trips are always open to the public.

JAS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible. 

Click here for the Constitution and By-Laws of Jayhawk Audubon.

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