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Upcoming Field Trips

Watch this space for upcoming field trip information.


October Public Meeting

The Many Glaciations of Kansas — And So What?

Join us on Monday, October 27th, to hear a fascinating account of "The Many Glaciations of Kansas – And So What?," presented by Wakefield Dort, Jr., Emeritus Professor of Geology at KU, at the JAS public meeting, at 7:30 p.m. at the Trinity Luther an Church Fellowship Hall, 1245 New Hampshire, Lawrence.

Wake, as he is known to friends, once served on the board of JAS and remains actively engaged in a variety of environmental issues. Since retiring in 1993, he has pursued a number of research projects, including studies of the changing course of the Kansas River and, recently, sedimentation of Kansas’ reservoirs.

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Time for Seed Sale Orders

The mellow weather we are enjoying during this fine autumn of just-warm-enough days and cool-for-sleeping nights makes the very idea of harsh, snowy winter days seem preposterous. But despite looming climate change those days will arrive and with them hungry birds seking full feeders in our backyards. Dark-eyed Juncos, those tough, gregarious little birds, typically start showing up here in mid-October. Yes, in just two weeks… You need seed and maybe a new feeder. Lucky for everybody, the first JAS Seed, Book and Feeder Sale is in just a few weeks.

You’ll find a downloadable order form here. All the information you need to pre-order is there: type of seed, which birds prefer each type of seed, prices, sale time and location and how to get your form to Seed Sale Chair Linda Lips (ditchlily@sprynet.com).

Pre-ordering is the best way to get the type and amount of seed you want. Sometimes we sell out of walk-in seed during the sale, but we’ll always have your pre-order set aside for you.


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