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March Public Meeting

Energy, Birds and Wilderness in the Arctic

Our March program will be especially interesting for those who are intrigued by Arctic wildlife—particularly the birds of Alaska. Stan Senner, former Director of Audubon Alaska, will be our speaker at the JAS monthly meeting, at 7:30 p.m., Monday, Monday March 23, 2015, at the Trinity Lutheran Fellowship Hall, 1245 New Hampshire St. in Lawrence.

He is a native Kansan and currently National Audubon’s Director of Bird Conservation for the Pacific Flyway. Stan will discuss the global importance of Arctic Alaska for birds & wilderness values, as well as conflicts with energy and other industrial development. Stan will outline Audubon’s conservation objectives in Arctic Alaska, President Obama’s recent announcements about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and offshore drilling in the Arctic Ocean, and how you can help.

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Lawrence Earth Day Celebration

Join us, Wednesday, April 22, as we celebrate Earth Day with fun activities and exhibits for kids of all ages. JAS will have bird feeders made from repurposed milk cartons for kids to paint and take home along with a bit of sunflower seed to get things started. See what kinds of birds come to your feeder and let us know! We'd be glad to hear or get pictures of the birds using the feeders. You can send them to jayhawkaudubon@earthlink.net.

You'll also have the chance to visit with Monica Goss from Audubon of Kansas as she hosts a table near us. Learn more about the other issues AOK is working on in the Sunflower State. JAS, AOK and so many more exhibitors will be there looking for you! Find out all the details for the parade and South Park activities at http://www.lawrenceks.org/swm/earthday .

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