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Nature Photography Exhibition

Jayhawk Audubon Society is hosting a benefit online nature photography exhibition that is open to all nature photographers. You do not have to be a Jayhawk Audubon Society Member to submit photos but must be willing to contribute to our benefit fundraiser by paying $15 per photo entrance fee. (High school students are invited to enter up to six photos in the exhibition for free. Please fill out the registration form below and tell us your high school when you send your photos.) Your fee will be used to support the general programming of Jayhawk Audubon, which includes educational programs, field trips, and conservation projects. To learn more about our work, click here.


This is not a photography contest but an exhibition and an opportunity for photographers to get exposure to their work. If you are interested in receiving sales inquiries for your photos, be sure to add your social media, website, or email in the entry form. Beyond publishing your contact information in the Exhibition, Jayhawk Audubon will not be involved in any sales -- all arrangements will be made directly between you and the buyer.

Exhibition Guidelines

The exhibition will run through the month of February 2022. We will be accepting photos from December 31, 2021, to January 25, 2022. All nature-related photos are eligible for submission including landscapes, birds, mammals and others. Photographs do not have to be taken in Kansas. 

There is no limit on photographs per photographer. An entry fee of $15 per photo submitted will be billed by Jayhawk Audubon Society after we receive your photographs. You will receive an email with an invoice to be paid at a secure payment site, or you can mail a check. After we receive your payment, we will upload your photos to your Gallery on our Photo Exhibition website. The Opening of the Exhibition will be Feb. 1, at which point the public can view the photos. The Exhibition will close on Feb. 28.

All photos must be the work of the individual photographer and must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Photos should be a maximum of 2 MB each;

  2. Be saved in RGB mode;

  3. Be saved in the JPG format.

  4. Photos may be watermarked to protect your copyright.

  5. File names should be the title of the photo and include the subject and location; for example, "Great Blue Heron - Baker Wetlands.jpg" The file name / title will appear below each photo, so please check carefully for typos.

To submit your photos, please complete the registration form below and then send your photos by e-mail. In the subject line write Photos by <photographer's name>.

To submit your photos or to ask questions, please click here for our email address. 

Register for Nature Photo Exhibition
Do you want your contact info published?

Entry fee of $15 per photo submission will be invoiced to you at the email address you provided above.

By Registering, you agree that your photos may be used by Jayhawk Audubon Society to promote the Exhibition on social media, emails, and our website.


Thanks for registering! We will be in touch soon!