Backyard Birds of Eastern Kansas

These birds have been seen within the city limits of Lawrence, Kansas. For a downloadable checklist that you can use at home, click here.

Blackbirds & Orioles

Year-round: Red-winged Blackbird; Brown-headed Cowbird; Common Grackle.

Breeding Season: Baltimore Oriole (shown); Orchard Oriole; Eastern Meadowlark; Brown-headed Cowbird.

Cardinals, Grosbeaks & Buntings

Year-round: Northern Cardinal.

Breeding Season: Indigo Bunting (shown); Rose-breasted Grosbeak; Summer Tanager.

Chickadees & Titmice

Year-round: Black-capped Chickadee; Tufted Titmouse; White-breasted Nuthatch

Crows, Magpies & Jays

Year-round: American Crow; Blue Jay


Breeding season: Yellow-billed Cuckoo. Spring/Fall migrants: Black-billed Cuckoo.


Year-round: House Finch; American Goldfinch. Winter: Purple Finch.

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